The Condom People

Brand design

Design strategy/Art Direction

London, United Kingdom

The Condom People are a new retailer of condoms and lubricants who're dedicated to taking the stigma out of purchasing sexual health products, and making safe sex an enjoyable & fun experience.

The founders approached me to help them to develop a brand that would elevate the store and its market position above its competitors by defining the right kind of fun and vibrant brand and visual identity.

I proceeded to develop a number of designs; some of them more inclined towards signifying health, care and trust, while others affecting to dazzle potential customers with an explicitly fun and jovial aesthetic.

The chosen design and brand is a collation of age old symbolism and metaphor; an explicit exhibition of the suggestive using colour and natural (edible) forms. The brand and messaging come together in a formula that allows for the creation of "delicious" graphic art for advertising and a "lush" we website.