Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

Brand management

Creative direction/Art direction

Oxford, United Kingdom

The challenge that I faced during my time at Saïd Business School was to build a fully staffed design department, that would be accountable for all of the School's published materials, working to a clear design strategy, embedded in the central marketing team

Over a number of years I developed and expanded a visual identity that would compete internationally. Crucially, the brand needed be to open to adaptation over time, while the design strategy and typographic system also needed to enable for maximum creativity whilst remaining consistent.

A set of revised colour values that exhibited a uniform vibrancy across all platforms were brought together by adjusting and adding to the core colour palette.

The 'ziggurat' motif itself was also revitalised, avoiding any superfluous features that were becoming compromised in pixel and/or print processes. The results gave the brand a newly manifest confidence and vibrancy.

"We are a complex business with many challenging initiatives. Adam consistently delivered great quality, creative work while managing expectations, and somehow still keeping us true to the corporate brand he has put in place. His calmness and quiet humour has got us through many tense and tight deadlines. Adam is a joy to work with."

Amanda Poole
Director of Marketing
Saïd Business School, University of Oxford