Karl Weitz Furniture


Logo and identity design/Website design

Brighton, United Kingdom

Karl Weitz is a well-established designer and maker of freestanding furniture based in Brighton, United Kingdom. Following an ambitious upscaling of his practice, Karl invited me to create a new identity that reflected the importance maintaining a tacit and tactile link to the materials used, and the processes which define to his unique work.

The identity was inspired by Karl’s request to emphasise both the contradictions in nature and the craftsperson’s ‘interventionist’ role in the design process. To begin with, a series of semiotic and structural binaries were explored to establish from the outset the tension between order and disorder in the complex and simple forms of nature.

Referencing a 'U-gauge' tool in a very direct way, the systematic nature of the identity's construction is both a reference to the particle structure of harder materials and a gestalt-like rendering of a leaf/tree.

The principles of elegance and modernity were utilise for the website and brand materials, where the sans font Futura was used in clean, photographically dominant layouts.

I have been working with Karl ever since, developing and expanding the identity as his working practices evolve and new approaches yield ever-innovative works.