IF Brewhouse Beers

Brand Identity/Packaging

Graphic design/Illustration

London, United Kingdom

I was approached by a startup brewhouse to develop a brand and identity package for a line of brand new ales.

The challenge was to produce a product that would be an affront to established norms, but without opting for the ‘punked’ type messaging and aesthetics such as that exhibited by other  brands like Brewdog.

The proposed solution was experimental: we took take inspiration from ‘speculative fiction'.

The logo and identity were designed to provide a very simple aesthetic anchor for the brand across what would otherwise be a graphically complex series of label designs.

A series of bold graphics, colour palette and textures were produced; aesthetically ‘punk-like’ but with unique messaging that was designed to refer beyond past and present, to other worlds and futures.

The cut-up method (originally developed by author William S. Burroughs) was employed for titling and designing each of the ales. This technique enabled us to evoke a palpable sense of narrative, and to vividly conjure impressionistic landscapes.